Alice 2017

Giacol has decided to reformulate the bag concept,
coming up with a product that combines elegance
and versatility in a classy accessory.

The result is Alice

Alice is the bag that complements your style and

With a perfect balance between practicality and
elegance, you will always be prepared for every

Thanks to its versatility and style, Alice has been
created to accompany you every minute of the day.

It has been uniquely crafted to maximize space, and
to organize and safely carry your personal items.

Try the colors


Try the colors

W: 15in H: 11in D: 7in

All versions have been made with the same quality and care.
The materials used guarantee the quality over time, regardless of the desired coloring.

EUR 1600

Created as a result of meticulous research, the inside of the bag is roomy yet compact, allowing you to personalize the way you arrange your everyday items, from your house keys to your agenda, and from your make-up case to your USB key.

There’s even room for your tech items inside the main zippered compartment; you can always travel with your 13-inch laptop or tablet within reach.

Giacol has researched the variety and positioning of the pockets not only to effectively protect your personal items, but to allow for quick access at a moment’s glance.
Alice will be by your side as you achieve your personal and professional successes.

Alice is made and finished entirely by hand in Italy.
Superb craftsmanship is evident in its details and finishes: contrasting stitching, along with Alcantara and leather lining reflect Alice’s handmade beauty.
The leather selected delivers texture and dimension, while a unique treatment guarantees resistance to water, scratches, and wear and tear.
Quality materials, attention to detail, and hours of artistry are poured into the creation of each individual bag.

All finishes are in palladium free brass.

Authenticity is guaranteed by the numbering on each bag.